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Vertical Lifelines

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5/8" - 3 Strand Composite Vertical Lifeline - Hook & Thimble


Part # Type Diameter Strength Material Construction Specs Price
LYTP-200-FF Hook on Both Ends 5/8” 9,000 lbs Polyester 3 Strand ANSI $44.99
LYTP-200-FT Hook on Both Ends 5/8” 9,000 lbs Polyester 3 Strand ANSI $44.99
LYTPD-2001-FF Hook on Both Ends 5/8” 8,200 lbs Polyester 3 Strand ANSI $44.99
LYTPD-2001-FT Hook & Thimble 5/8” 8,200 lbs Polyester 3 Strand ANSI $44.99





Benefits & Features

  • Stay protected with the highest quality rope. Our vertical life line is one of the toughest and well-known vertical life lines available today. Pelican’s 3 strand rope life lines have the durability required on the job, while remaining light-weight and allowing for a comfortable grip. It also provides good protection against abrasion and is energy absorbent. This high quality rope is made in the United States and is ANSI Z359.1-2007 certified.

    Each life line is equipped with an ANSI Z359.1- 2007 compliant double locking safety snap hook. Swivel snap hook or carabiner also available.

    • Available with two hooks or hook & thimble
    • Available in select lengths from 25' to 600'
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